Friday, March 25, 2011

Worth Repeating

Honest to goodness, I don't know where Bobby Halton comes up with these ideas, but you should really check out his speech today (Thursday 3/24/11) at the FDIC. It's a piece I hope to show to my Department, and more importantly, to all my fellow Officers. It puts things in perspective on a level they should all be able to apply. This is a fine speech:

 I spent the last year or so being mad at Bobby and Fire Engineering about the way that they handled Ray McCormack's speech and it's withdrawal from the ether world. That is until a fellow blogger set me straight on what was really going on (Thanks Matt) and I get it now. But through it all I have always admired Bobby's public speaking abilities and in particular his subjects, his facts, and his presentations. Amazing stuff. I can't imagine where he comes up with these things. I wish he'd give a video class on how he develops these speeches.
 You should give it a watch, maybe two. If your are an instructor, THINK about the way this gentleman grasps his audience. Good stuff.

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