Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Learned Something Today.

Yup, I did, and I thought I would share it because it may not be common knowledge.

 First, if you are using a chainsaw, you should keep a frim grip on the saw and have a solid position to stand in.

 Second, if you ignore the first point and you loose control of the saw, you shoudl let it go and get out of the way.

 Third, if you ignored the first two points, you should not attempt to grab the saw as it falls.

Fourth, it you do try to grab the saw, you should aim for the handle or the grip.

 Fifth, if you can't grab the handle of the grip, you should not, in any event, attempt to grab the chain bar.
 Grabbing the bar is bad and can result in serious injury with lots of blood spewing and dripping about.

 Man that intern was probably stitching half the night.
 (Good clean trauma call though, I haven't had many of those lately.)


  1. At first I thought you were talking about yourself! *whew*

  2. Those dang chainsaws do make a mess now and then! Glad it wasn't you on the receiving end.

  3. Oh good Lord no! It wasn't me. I forgot that even though youse guys are my friends, you don't know very much about me. Sorry.
    I was given my first hand ax at the age of ten, was using a 3/4 ax when I was 11, and using a full ax by 12 years of age. In the summertime I would earn spending money by clearing saplings from my Great Uncle's hay fields. I got $0.25 per tres I cut and stacked. There was plenty of work. In my teens I would split and stack fire wood for the city folks that lived around us. I stopped doing that when I found I could make more money doing contract machining work in our basement shop. I was never the 'paper boy' kind of kid.
    When I was newly married (ok, for the first 15 years of it anyway) we mostly heated our home with wood, so there was a lot of chainsaw time involved as well as peavy's, skid steers, and long line cables.
    So cutting myself with a chainsaw is more than unlikely as I have spent so many hours with one in my hands that good instincts are programmed into my very DNA.
    Now tractor accidents are well within the realm of possibility. One time I flipped this tractor over backwards on myself and I was alone, see......