Thursday, March 17, 2011

OK People, Listen Up!

 Now I know that there are actually a bunch of you out there who read my little posts, I've been watching the stats and they are getting impressive. I've even had a few new readers who come and waste spend a couple of hours out of their life that they will never get back reading many of my older posts.
 Very few comments are left on this site and I have been VERY tolerant of that fact whilst I suffer onward. However I now have to demand respectfully request some reader input. I know we have folks out there with connections and I am asking them to help me and a neighboring Department out.
 I was teaching last night at a Department down the road (never you mind where) and they always bring in a Nationally recognized speaker in the late spring of each year to present to the local departments. All the surrounding Departments are invited for a small fee. The host Department rarely makes a dime off of this thing even though it is supposed to be a fund raiser.  The point is, we get somebody to come and teach us something worthwhile, in an area that does not normally get .that caliber of speaker. Two years ago we had Chief Goldfedder come on down and he and I compared 'stashes. It was great (and quite an honor for me).
 So while I was at this Department last night, I asked them who the big name was they were getting this year, and the Chief replied "I dunno, you got any ideas?"
 Two names jumped into my head instantly. The first I have no trouble finding contact info for, the second, well, lets just say he keeps a low profile, even though he seems to be teaching everywhere.
 So I have two requests:
1) Does anyone know how to contact Lt. Ray McCormack (FDNY)? Can you get me an email address, phone number, or GPS coordinates for a carrier pigeon?
2) (This one is just for me) Does anyone have a copy of Lt. McCormack's keynote speech at FDIC 2009? It has completely disappeared from the net. The FDNY and Fire Engineering have done a marvelous job of re-writing history by pulling this one off without a trace. I would like to have this to share with a few select Chief Officers and Instructors.

 Answers or hints to any of the above questions may be sent directly to: and all correspondence will be confidential.
 C'mon folks, it's time to do your share. I don't ask much, but this is important.


  1. Sorry I can't help you out. I'm also giving your the "thumbs up" for your previous post.

  2. Thanks Sister. I have some "irons in the fire" on this one. As for the previous post, you probably know by now that I don't throw around the "we saved a life" or "we are hero's" crap. In this case, what I said, fit. It was a good night. Years and years of lost patients can all be erased in one singular event that reminds us that 'we CAN make a difference in SOMEBODY'S life', and that particular night we did. It was rare, but it was real.
    Thanks for the comment (also rare), and I hope things are going well for you with the training and on the truck.