Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hell Hath no Fury.....

 I had completely forgooten about this job that occurred years ago. I passed the house the other day and it popped back in my mind.
"Podunk Rescue, Please respond for a 52 year old female, victim of an assault."
 Off we went.
 Walking into the living room we found a female sitting peacefully on her couch with an Deputy standing next to her. "She and her husband were arguing upstairs and as she was coming down the stairs she claims her husband pushed her and she rolled down most of that flight (he points), about 20 steps. He claims she tripped."
 We ask the questions about pain, loss of consciousness, and begin an evaluation. About 2 minutes in, the Deputy asks, "do you have another EMT on your crew? You might want to take a look at the husband. He's in the kitchen." "Sure", I say and ask my partner if she is OK with this patient while I go check the 'assaulter' out. She nods, and I walk into the kitchen to find a middle aged male on the floor. A puddle of blood is next to his head and he is moaning while another Deputy looks on.
 The Deputy tells me that apparently the female waited until the male sat down in the kitchen and came up behind him with a 12 inch frying pan ( I know, classic, isn't it?). She whopped him once and he went down, then she whopped him 2 more times to make sure he stayed down. A fractured jaw, fractured skull, blown orbit, and I think a punctured ear drum were what he had to show for his trouble. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
 When I got home from that job I pecked my wife on the cheek to make sure we were still 'cool', You never know.

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