Thursday, January 27, 2011


 This is an uncharacteristic plug for me. I often post short blurbs directing my beloved readers to other blogs with important, useful, or timely information. I usuually do not get into the blog world conversations and activities. However, with the big contest going on just now (or is it an Election?) I want to throw in my 2 cents, because I do, in fact, have an opinion here, thank you very much.
 I read about75 blogs as time allows. I catch up on all of them at least once a week (sick, I know) and have been doing so for several years now. Although I read all the blogs that have been nominated for this year's awards and enjoy yhem all. I have some preferences and I am going to SUGGEST that you consider voting for the Firegeezer as Fire Blog of the year because those boys have been putting in heart and soul everyday for years and years. They are my home page, the first thign I read every morning, and have given me tons of useful informatuion over the years. This deserves a your vote.
 On the EMS side, I am voting for Rescuing Providence for similar reasons. Thoughtful prose, well written, uplifting, educational, and inspirational. All these things define the Good Captain over the years in a very consistent way.
 I do very much enjoy all the other writers especially Justin, but HM, I think you understand when I say that these guys were the groundbreakers and I think we need to recognize those who set the standard and set it high.
 That's all I'm gonna say. Go over to the fire critic and cat your vote, we are about half way through it now. The last few days might get ugly. I still have blood spatters on my monitor from last year's election.
 May the best Blog win, but I hope it's these two.


  1. Hey man, no sweat. We have to meet some day for coffee or a beer. We think a lot alike, it's a little scary. I am really happy for your success with the Books and the Blog and am anxiously awaiting the next publication date. You're not quite my hero (sorry, I reserve that term for a very limited few), but I do admire your abilities.