Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm in a bit of a rut here...

I was doing really well putting up content here for a while. I had about 24 posts in roughly 30 days and was on a roll, then the Holiday season hit and I got bogged down.
 There are many reasons: I was on vacation at home, Family stuff took precedence, there was beer involved,  I had a lot of end of year chores to do for the Department, I needed to turn over my job responsibilities and all my databases and paperwork to the new Captain in the Squad while also picking up my new job as Lt. in my Fire Company, For the last week, with a meeting almost every night, I felt like I am doing two jobs. I still have some transition work to do, but it's smoothing out. This week coming up I only have three nights out, and the following week I am teaching two nights with the annual Squad dinner on Saturday. The week after has two day long classes I am teaching for. Thank goodness I get some rest at my paying job!
 I also learned that I had a 2 part feature article published in an International magazine which I'm pretty proud of. I wish I could point you at it, but... I am a non-person, remember? In connection with that I was invited to make a submission for one of the major fire blogs giving a different point of view on the same subject. The magazine publisher also invited an article on a followup idea I had abut the original subject matter.
 So I have been thinking about what to write next, and for who, and I find I have too many options and too little time. My parents are requiring more and more of my care time and all this snow keeps me very busy and worn out. I clean my place, my folks place, and the Fire Station after the plows go through. Last night I hit the sack at 9pm and could not get myself to move for either of the calls we had in the middle hours of the night. Glad I wasn't on duty.
 It has also been nearly impossible to keep up with the 76 blogs I try to follow. I have thrown my hands up on this one and just check them as I can. There has been some good stuff posted and I hope you are all keeping up better than I.
 Even with the lack of content in the last week, I notice that folks keep checking in here, so I thought I'd pop my head in and let you know I am still around, just in a bit of a rut and physically worn out. Not to mention my head is rotating on my spine as I try to sort my options out.
 To the regulars (and all three of you know who you are) I want you to know I appreciate that you come back, and to the very many who check in here once, and then not again for a long time, I invite you to come back a little more often as I try to figure out this 'readership thing', or perhaps you can leave a comment and tell me why you don't come back, what you like or what you don't, because for the last year I have been mostly guessing and continue to do so.
 Pleas be safe out there,

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