Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to my head...Sorry for the mess

 A little 'stream of consciousness' here because I've been busy with work, the weather, and life lately, but I do have a couple of quick thoughts to share, so go with the flow....
 Mike Morse posted a one liner and I am going to try to bring a little more attention to this because it really made my evening last night. Go to  
I've been reading the Lt's stuff for a long time now (3 years?) and fell like I know the guy. I really enjoy his writing. I have always regretted not having tried to connect with him when I was in Providence 2 years ago for my Niece's Graduation. (Mike doesn't mention it often, but Providence is quite the college town.)
 Anyway, Mike is a terrific guy, a fantastic writer, and from his interview I learned a lot more. Now I am REALLY sorry I didn't try to look him up! He sounds like the kind of guy I could sit and drink coffee with and talk for hours without feeling intimidated.
 You should check out the interview. Good stuff.
 I continue to be disgusted by winter's ugly face. Right now we stand a month ahead of schedule for the amount of white s--t we've had. That is to say that with what we've had so far, we could be in the second week of February. I am not happy with this and I want to know WHO is responsible! (At this point I do not see any political connections the the situation, so I think we have to look elsewhere for the culprit. Too bad, because I REALLY wanted to blame Obama for this too.)
 Here's the view I get every day on my way to work (or anywhere else).

Please don't tell me "It's beautiful". I look at it and think 'Frozen Tundra'.
I am intrigued that the Blogger spellcheck wants me to substitute "Alabama" for "Obama".
 I was just absolutely tickled pink the other day to see that I had attracted a reader from the old country, even if just in passing. I am quite proud of my Norwegian heritage, although I have never mentioned it here. I have several close cousins still back in Norway. Every time I read the Moose Report on Firegeezer it makes me think of 'home' even though I was born and bred in the USA. I love the old country and long to go back for another visit. Little things like a blog visitor from there makes me feel good all day. I note that this reader comes from the northern part of the country, and I have only a few (5?) relatives that far north, so I think this person is an honest to goodness reader and not a relative, although I would welcome either. Unless of course that reader is one of my favorite cousins-in-law, Russ. I don't know how they get their internet connections on the North Sea rigs. But who knows?
 At any rate I am tickled to make the connections and even more tickled that the reader has come back, so maybe I have them as a regular? Tusen Takk, either way! Mine beste Mor var fra Mandal og mine beste Far var fra Grimstad. (I think I said that right, it's been a few years and Norsk grammer was never even close to my strong suit.)
 I note that the Blogger spell check does not 'do' Norsk.

I'm hoping (praying really) that the next 4 days are uneventful. I need to get some unfettered sleep. I get sleep but keep waking up tired. I don't know what's wrong with me. Heavy work seems to make it worse, not better, which is really odd for me.
 My dog, who likes to 'spoon', does not make it easier when I get up for work and she moans, but does not get out of bed. Instead she rolls over and leans against Momma. She won't even make eye contact, she's gonna sleep a little longer.
 Be safe, stay warm, and stay in the House if you can,

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