Monday, January 3, 2011


All these New Years post's are beginning to drive me a little nuts. The Happy Medic wrote this post on New Years day and it made me think a bit.
 Although I am sure that neither Justin, not Marc have read my blog in several months, I find I must reply to Justin's thoght.
 I find that I am not one to remember my victories very well, but I can recite all my failures verbatim, in chronological order. Yes, I know full well that this speaks to my character in whole or in part. But that's me.
 Justin challenged us to look back on 3 accomplishments in 2010 and celebrate those. I had to think really hard on this one. As I said, I don't file these things away, and I really can't remember much of the positive stuff.
 But I think I can remember 3:
1) I was the first EMS Captain in recent memory to run and be elected to a second term. I hadn't thought much of it, but after the election I received many emails pointing this out and thanking me for holding the Squad together.
2) I actually made it through that second year and presided over some continuous improvements, as well as preparing my successor to take over. Again, this has not happened in recent history.
3) I got the Squad through the bi-annual DOH inspections without a single finding. Our inspection came through clean as a whistle. Nobody can ever remember when this happened, they "always find something" I was told. Not on my watch, my crew had it knocked.
4) I finally managed to shut the mouth of  'the constant complainer and back stabber'. He has been successful for years, but during my administration, everything was so squeaky clean that he had nothing to complain about, and when he tried, he was laughed at by everyone else.
 So there's 4 right there. I'd like to thank Justin for making me think about this. I never focus on the accomplishments, but I always look at the failures to lead me to improvements. Maybe I've had it backwards all these years?

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