Monday, January 24, 2011


 Have you ever been homesick for a place you've never lived? Sounds pretty sick, doesn't it? Yeah, well, that's where I am now.
 Those of us lucky enough to travel a bit have most likely been to places where we've found ourselves saying "Wow, wouldn't it be great to actually LIVE here?". Climate, people, environment, whatever, there is something about these places that appeals to something inside us that draws us in. On our return home we find ourselves daydreaming about this magical place. Perhaps in years to come our minds wander back there. It is a very real draw that goes beyond a simple fancy.
 I count myself fortunate to have two such places. The first is my families homeland, Norway. I am drawn there by the family, the beauty, the history, and the sheer adventure of exploring the country my Grandparents came from. My day dreams here have me in an extended visit lasting several months, perhaps a year.
 But tonight, for some reason, perhaps the weather, or my current troubling issues, my mind wanders elsewhere. Someplace stateside, someplace with less harsh winters, and memories about only good and wholesome things. I'm dreaming of an 'escape' where 4-6 months of immersion would cleanse my soul and rejuvenate my body with health and strength.
 It's only a daydream of course, and I know there is no way it will actually materialize, but it is good to dream. If I had no 'connections' and my wife suddenly left me (who could blame her, have you been reading some of my stuff?), and I had no where to turn, I think I would look to the southwest. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains hold special memories for me and I would dearly love to be able to go and heal there.
 I searched the interwebs to find a piece that seems to be no longer available, but here is something that gives a little inkling toward my feelings as I write this.

I have no idea why, whether it is the high desert, the solitude, or the danger involved in camping with the big bears and mountain lions, but the mountains of New Mexico make me feel at peace, even though each day brings it's own work to survive. I have hiked several places around the world, but New Mexico is different for me.  I have hiked those mountains enough, laid on my back in natural meadows and felt awed by the absolute blanket of stars above, to know that I have to go back someday before I die.
 This all has nothing to do with the Fire Service, except to say that sometimes, we all need a reset. I am wondering if I am due for mine, that's all.

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