Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something I gotta say...

And NOTHING says it better than this image that was sent to my phone today:
 We've had so much of this white crap that we are at the level we should be at in the 3rd week of March. And these temperatures are no walk in the park either. I can tell we've had too much snow when:

A) I hear we are getting snow and think it might effect my plans but then realize it's only 8 inches and don't think twice about it, and
B) When I am at a meeting and there is a 15 year old present who looks out the window, sees it has begun to snow (again), hangs his head and mutters "shiiiiit!"

 I thought Capt. Mike and TOTWTYTR would appreciate these little thoughts.

 NOW, It's not too late to get your votes in! Go over to Fire Critic and cast your vote until Midnight tonight (2/1/11). Firegeezer is probably out of it BUT Rescuing Providence has found it's second wind and IS catching up to the Ambulance Driver. Go cast your vote and let's see if we can put Mike over the top! One vote per computer every 6 hours, use the wife's rig, and each of the kids, and get those numbers up. C'mon folks, we can DO this!

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