Thursday, May 26, 2011

When Firefighters Cry

When Firefighters cry, it is without shame.
When Firefighters cry, it is not because they could not do more, but because there was no more that could be done.
When Firefighters cry, it is a visceral and painful cry that creates an actual muscular pain within. It comes from deep within their soul.
 When Firefighters cry, it is not because they didn't do their best, it is because their best wasn't good enough...tonight.
 When Firefighters cry it is because they understand, better than most, how unfair life, or death, can be.

There are days, not many, when I hate this job. Today is one of those days.


  1. Stay strong, we need you out there. Sorry to hear you're having a bad day..... hydrantgirl

  2. I'm sorry. It must be rough, indeed, to have you torn up this way.

  3. Thank you Ladies. You can imagine how it went:
    Motorcycle+21 year old male+perfect spring evening+winding back road+a little sand left over from the winter+some speed+rock pile= Tragedy.
    I knew him since he was 5, I know and love his gentle parents, best buddies with my son since kindergarten. Every responder on the scene, which included my son, knew this young man and called him 'friend'. Multi-system trauma, there was nothing we could do to change the outcome, but we tried everything we could.
    Of all the things I planned on doing this weekend, attending a funeral of a young man I watched grow up was not one of them.
    This one will take a little while.
    Thanks for caring and leaving a comment. It helps more than you might guess.