Thursday, May 5, 2011

We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

 Sorry folks, if you tuned in here to get the last installment of the series today, I just couldn't get my act together. A Company meeting Wednesday night, assisting at a live burn for a Firefighter One class on Thursday, and something else on Friday that I have to look up, and I just couldn't make it happen.
 The best we can hope for is Saturday morning, but more likely Sunday because Saturday I am again assisting with a live burn for a guest Instructor running a special class on initial fire attack which looks to be the live burn from hell because they expect 40 participants. I didn't mention that I am also representing the Training Center as the AHJ and need to make sure everybody is compliant with the State Live Burn Regs. So, once again, life intervenes and I know you understand when I make a choice between helping out at a H.O.T. Session or being delayed with a blog post.. I just wanted you to know I am not sitting in a bar enjoying my evenings while ignoring y'all.
 Damn I wish I got paid for some of this stuff, or at least got a T-shirt out of it. (My shirts are getting kind of ratty.)
 Be back soon,

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