Monday, May 2, 2011

Series Intermission II

 OK folks, time to get some popcorn and hit the restroom. The end is in sight. It is looking like this series will end up with 9 posts in total. We have 2 posts left to go.
 In the meantime, while working on these posts, other issues in the world have continued on and I wanted to throw a few of those bullet items in.
 First and foremost, I wanted to say a big public "Thank You" to Bobby Halton, Fire Engineering Magazine, and Dr. Mike Mcevoy. Mike and some buddies had their inaugural Podcast last night of Firemedically Speaking on the Fire Engineering Talk Radio network and in the course of the evening I called in and wound up being given/awarded/presented with a free and full conference pass to FDIC in 2012 courtesy of Bobby. This is huge for me, as it puts me one giant step closer to getting out there and handling the expenses. I want to thank all involved for the great gift as well as for their continued support of all of us in this game by providing timely, useful, and cutting edge information and training. I strongly suggest you check out all the Fire Engineering Podcasts coming up, they have big names and and have a podcast almost every week night. I don't know how they are going to keep this pace up.
 Second, I mentioned an injury at the end of installment 6 and I just wanted to let you know I am fine. I had suffered a lac down to the bone on the top of my left thumb due to a high speed impact with a piece of 1-1/2 inch pipe. (ALWAYS WEAR YOUR DAMNED GLOVES, MORON!) The bone bruise was much worse then the cut, but we all know this is a terrible place to have a severe lac and get it to heal right. I opted for a finger splint instead of stitching it up (I suck at sewing, especially when I only have one hand). It made for really tough typing and I had a huge problem with my 5 button mouse, but I am out of the woods now and the cut has closed up, with the hope that I can move my thumb again in another couple of days. There is still some pain from the impact.
 We had another kick-ass drill the other night which was on ladder operations. We haven't done this in a while, so we had a short classroom session covering all the technical terms and considerations as well as a review of proper ladder positioning for various chores such as evacuation, ventilation, and FAST team egress, , followed by a hands on session of throwing ladders, doing the odd carries, and getting up on the firehouse roof where we did some simulated ventilation on some skids with the vent saw. All in all a good night going over the basics. Thanks go out to Capt. Adam for that one. It was a pleasure to lend a hand and have another Instructor take the lead and do a great job.
 So we have 2 more posts left in the series. I encourage you to throw up some comments and share your successes or problems. Also, if you disagree with what I post, please feel free to throw that up there also. I have a thick skin and would welcome the discourse.
 Be Well, Be Safe, Be Sharp,

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