Monday, April 11, 2011

Hang in there

 Sorry folks, I know this sounds like another excuse, but life got in the way. The better half (otherwise known as my wife) insisted that I could not dedicate my Friday night Saturday, and all day Sunday to my Fire Department activities. The selfish person that she is, required that I take at least 4 hours out of my weekend to preform some family obligations (can you imagine?!).
 This weekend, it meant car shopping. We NEED to replace my (9 MPG) truck. So off we went to "shop". Never, in my wildest dreams, did I expect to actually buy something. But buy something, we did. SO I spent yesterday afternoon, until O-DARK- THIRTY taking all my stuff out of the old 2500. Radios, Lights, gear, and ten years of 'stuff packed in every corner ' in case I 'might need it on some call'. The radios and antennas were the worst part. I did a really good job installing all that stuff and snaking wires every which way.
 I got it done and today we made the trade. So now I need to figure out how to get 'most' of the stuff from my 2500 into a little Dakota Quad Cab. My response gear more than fills the back seat (I think a bed cap is in my future) and after 2 hours of looking it over, I have no idea how, or where to run all the wires for my radios and lights. This is gonna take a while. I stabbed a dash light against the windshield and that will have to do for now along with a scanner to listen to what is going on. I managed to get the basics in the back seat: swiftwater rescue bag, wildland gear bag, Structural gear bag, EMS jump bag, wildland SAR pack, and the O2 bag and AED.
 At any rate, I'll be on this for a while, not in a rush, but it's another time burner. I took a half vacation day (my first) just to stand here and look over my new ride. The only thing I really did, besides load my gear in, was to stick my Officers plate on the front so that folks will recognize me and wave. It will take about a year before all the other Firefighters and Cops get used to what I am now driving. I had the old truck for 10 years.
 So I'm still working on the Blog Post ideas I had and it is coming together in my head. I just need time to put it down. I'll be running a session for the Little League Coaches tonight, and my LAST OSHA class (cue the big two handed air-pump) is tomorrow night. I should have something working before the weekend.
 In the meantime, some of my new friends have some good posts up. Check out The Lonely EMT and see what's on her mind, as well as EMS Chick and Just a Vollie as they all have some new stuff up.
Be Well, Be safe, Be Sharp,

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