Monday, April 25, 2011

Series Intermission

Well, we are more than halfway through this marathon series (for me) and I am seeing the end in sight.
 I wanted to take a short break here to ask the readership if I am missing the mark on any of this. I have not seen a single comment on any of these posts and I am beginning to wonder if I am the only person on the planet who finds these issues important. If I am, that's OK. Although I am putting many hours into the writing and it still remains poor, I am enjoying getting these thoughts down. Throughout the year I frequently am asked "What's your secret on [this subject]", or "How does your Department do [that subject]" and I now have something in writing that I can hand them. As I stated at the outset, I am no expert, but I do a lot of observing and see many good things out there.
 I really think we could get a good conversation going that will bring out some more good ideas. Please don't be intimidated. It is only "us" here. It has been a long time since any of the Big Gun bloggers have been by to read this page (Except for one who is a steadfast reader), so there will be no comments or cross links from them. It's just us.
 Think about it, OK?
 The Series resumes tomorrow.


  1. I've been avidly reading along and so far have agreed with your points. I look forward to there rest of the series!

  2. Keep up the good work. It's good to know others are facing the same issues we are, even if we don't always have easy solutions.

  3. Thanks folks.
    Ms. Chick, I knew you were reading and I knew you were agreeing. Many times I feel like we work on the same crew, just separated by 800 miles. We think almost identically on so many things.
    Anonymous: I'm sure you've got similar problems to what we ALL face. I am wondering if you can tell us about about ONE THING your Department does well, and perhaps why?
    I am trying to begin a dialogue here. I know we all face these problems, but I am looking for the stuff that I've missed.
    I am a collector of ideas and I have gotten these ideas from Departments that I have seen and people I have talked to. I have not made this stuff up on my own, and for whatever reason, my Department has a long way to go in a LOT of areas. Some things we do damn poorly and I am embarrassed by them. Other things we do better than most and I am proud of those accomplishments. But I work toward improvements all the time, as we all should. I'd like to hear what others are doing because I know everybody can offer something here and this is where the conversation starts.
    Thank You Both,