Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coming Soon

OK, a short blurb here to catch up on some things. First, I have begun work on my next epic series and it will begin on Monday morning. I hope you can all tune in. The first two installments are complete and I had planned on taking today to work on the next three. However, due to t total lack of planning on the part of my superiors at the paying job, I am now in crisis abatement mode. I will be working ridiculous hours and days to get a project that would normally take 6 months, completed in 6 weeks. (We the Willing, Led by the Unknowing, have done So Much with So Little for So Long, that we can now do practically anything with Just About Nothing.) After I post this I am headed into the office to play catch up/get ahead while everyone else is at home having a weekend.  So the series will be possibly delayed somewhat, but I am anxious to get  started.
 Second, I am bummed to have missed out on Winning the X2 Boots over at Ironfiremen, but I congratulate our Brother Pat Lynch, up in Colchester, Vt for his win. Wear them in good health!
 Third, Spring is arriving, ever so slowly, but arriving none the less. The critters are coming down out of the hills to check in and find fresh green stuff.

 Gotta run to work, see you Monday,

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