Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What are the chances?

It's four AM on the morning of another dark and drizzly weekday. As he crunches across the road through scattered broken glass, plastic, and crumpled auto parts, he watches the second ambulance carefully pick it's way out of the scene and onto the road to the hospital. He instinctively looks in the opposite direction to check for traffic that might intercept the ambulance, then he chuckles to himself.
 There is NOBODY on the road. This accident took place at a rural intersection of a backroad and the
'four-lane' which, although controlled by a traffic light, sees no traffic at this time of day. Which makes him  wonder: Why, at this hour of the day, were the conditions right for a high speed, two-car t-bone accident? Two people headed for the hospital on backboards with serious injuries and requiring some extrication work, for what?
 What could have put one driver in such a rush with NO other cars on the road except for a single delivery van? The night was dark and foggy but with good visibility and moving headlights would stand out like a bonfire.
 What are the chances of these two cars meeting at that precise instant? 45 minutes on scene cutting cars, clearing debris, packaging patients and in that whole time 4 vehicles came through. In another hour or two there would be a steady flow as people headed to work and school, but for now, there was nobody.
 What are the chances?

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