Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let me ask this a different way...

OK, I ended my last post by asking for experience and opinions. As usual, I didn't get much. OK, we drew a blank. I'm used to that and it's OK, really. (No really, I will get over it, honest.)
 But in the case of the aforementioned question I really am asking all 6 of my readers what you think (of course I am joking, I know there are 10 of you out there). If you are not an Officer, then tell me what you expect from your Officers. How much support do you expect from them? How many of your issues (big and small) do you handle, or at least attempt to handle on your own? At what point do you involve and Officer? At what point would you think that your Officer let you down or was not properly concerned with your problem(s)?
 Some of the things I put up here, I would like to think have helped at least a couple of readers. This is my turn to ask for input. I could really use some because I suck on the social touchy-feely stuff and know I will never be good at it. I'm looking for help here.


  1. This probably won't help, but here goes anyways. I work for a super casual patient transport company so we don't have rank and structure and what not. That being said, I would almost never (and have never) expected "hand-holding" or lots of emotional support from my boss or any of my bosses in the past. That's just me though. I'm of the opinion that anyone over the age of about 6 ( <----sarcasm) should be able to speak for themselves and sort out their own issues without whispering behind people's backs and grumbling in the ranks. I know there are other people than need more than that and for them I think it's really just about listening. Listen to what they're saying, give them time so they don't feel rushed, and do your best to sort it out. If you can't sort it, be honest and tell them that and why you can't. Let them know their options.
    All that being said, if I was to bring something up with a boss, I would expect it to be fixed. If I'm bringing it up, it's important. If they don't fix it, I have no qualms about asking again or going over their head. It's just about doing it in a polite and orderly way.

    Hopefully that helped a little, I know I'm not really in the type of work that you were hoping to hear from.

  2. Liz,
    That was helpful. Never underestimate your input. I'm trying to learn how people think and why it is that I cannot connect sometimes. I'm hoping some others chime in. Your attitude is a lot like mine and I am hoping some folks with a different view might let their voice be heard. Perhaps somebody that has been treated poorly by an Officer.
    Thanks, and I appreciate your loyal reading of my musings, I know you are here regularly, as I am on your page. I hope school is going well.