Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving morning and already I am thankful. I managed to sleep through the entire night. I also managed to go to bed early last night after realizing that I was just too tired to sit in front of the tube. So we managed to get the first appliance fire of the holiday weekend out of the way early last evening and it only interrupted my dinner, which I happily wolfed down in it's luke-warm state after putting the engine back to bed and completeing the paperwork.
 I also managed to sleep a little late, hoping that might improve my state of mind for the day. When I finally got up, I was greeted by a half dozen or more fresh blog posts from those who also had an apparent light evening last night and could put up a holiday offering. This was a nice treat.
 Today, as the Turkey cooks, we'll get ready for the big family thing over at the folks house. We "the kids" are cooking parts of the dinner and trucking it over to the folks house to re-assemble and serve. This allows us to cook at home with our own stuff and not mess up my Mom's kitchen too much. It also saves on the cleanup required. The trick is transporting all this freshly cooked food in a safe and effective manner. Last time, at Easter, doing the same deal, we were banged out for a working structure fire as I was halfway between my home and the Folks. I pulled in the driveway took everything out and laid it on the driveway for my nephew to bring in the house, then took off to play firefighter. I don't wanna do that again.
 This time I'm hoping for a boring day. I am on the 6-6 overnight tonight because everyone else claims to need 'family time'. This will mark the 6th year straight that I have covered Thanksgiving night in some capacity. We get the usual calls, aided by alcohol in many cases. A couple of years back we did an FDGB* with a head lac in a 50-something male. I arrived to find the Chief was holding personnel out of the scene and controlling who went in, which I took as strange and put on my 'scene safety goggles'. The job was routine with a transport for further exam, we handled it BLS. Later I asked the Chief about all the scene control nonsense. It was then that I found out I was in the home of a very famous Rock Band that had assembled the entire band with families for a Special Thanksgiving. The Chief wanted to respect their privacy. I guess their secret was safe with me as I had no idea who they were but do remember hearing some of their songs on the radio over the years. It was a really nice house though with a 25 foot long banquet table set out like something in a magazine. Apparently, we arrived just as they were about to sit for dinner.
 Let's see what we get this year. I'm hoping for nothing so we can keep everybody in quarters or at home with their families.
 I'm also wishing the same for all the readers out there, but when the tones drop, remember to be extra careful because of the motoring public on the roads who may not be paying attention.

(*FDGB = Fall Down, Go Boom)

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