Saturday, November 27, 2010

Marking Time

Well, it was a year ago today that my first post went up on this blog. With a break of 5 months or so early on, I didn't hold a very consistent pattern. Since May I've hung in there fairly well though. This is about my 95th post since the first one, so on average, I suppose that's not too bad.
 I went back through many of the early posts looking for something I could throw back up as a sort of 'walk down memory lane' I didn't find anything I thought would be worth a second viewing. I guess value (or lack thereof) is in the mind of the reader. From my perspective, all my posts have a one shot value, if that. Your mileage may vary.
 For my own part, I am re-thinking the whole blog thing. There were two simple goals:
1) to provide a personal outlet to relieve some pent up stress., and
2) to impart some information of value to my readers.
 I knew that each post would be one or the other, and seldom both. In reading some old posts, I see a few that have neither purpose served. There are so many GOOD blogs out there to read, that I wonder why anybody would read mine. Perhaps they (you) keep coming back hoping it will get better? I do know, from looking at the stats, that there are a few dedicated folks who come back every time I have a new post, and there are a few who spend quite a bit of time reading through many of my writings for over an hour at a clip. I thank you for that. I'll keep this thing plugging along for those that are regular readers until I figure out how to write a little better. I know that some of 'my regulars' are fellow bloggers whose writings I truly enjoy, and in some cases admire. I also know there are a few regulars who do not have a blog that I am aware of and I don't see any comments from them except for lots of entries in the stat files.
 I do want to hang in there a while to see how this whole 'blog thing' develops. Years ago I was an active participant in several of the EMS forums. When they began to degenerate into a nasty group of critical, unhappy, and in some cases, nasty people, I faded away. So far, the blogosphere has not done that and we have all managed to stay polite. However I do notice some fraying around the edges. Several of the principals on particular blogs who have large readerships have lately taken to aiming some sharp criticism and half hearted, yet very pointed jesting at each other. It's only a matter of time before one of them gets offended and lashes out. I can feel it coming. Stand by for the show, I can see it coming as clearly as I saw some of the non-anonymous bloggers get taken down by the Company they worked for. Too often in our society, smaller minds prevail.
 I will say that this past year of blogging has been interesting in many ways. Having folks read my offerings from all around the world and just about every continent is gratifying, to say the least. Having them come back again is nothing short of amazing to me. Iraq, Thailand, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Turkey, and Japan are just a few of the countries I have seen in the log. (And there is somebody in Knoxville, Tn who is spending a lot of time reading things here lately. hmmm,) I am still amazed by the listing from Antarctica, that just blew me away. I used to chat with a few of the radio operators down there in my Ham days that would 'winter over'. I know a little about life down there and am amazed that somebody managed to find me. I have almost as many 'regulars' in Canada as I have in the US. I have always regarded our neighbors to the north as the most civilized of the North Americans, so it's nice to see them come read and comment.
 So, all in all, I can say it's been worth the time I've put into this. I can only hope it has been worth your time to read it all. In the coming year I hope to work on my personal relationships with a few of the bloggers I can identify with. If I were a 'career guy' I could easily do this by attending some of the many conferences that all the lucky ones get to go to and meet each other. For me, that doesn't work because of work constraints, vacation time, and finances. I'll keep looking for another way. Perhaps a Skype session or two. That's a new medium for me which I have just begun to explore.
 So if you'll keep reading, I'll keep writing. Lets see if I can do better in 'year two'.

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  1. If I had a nickel for everytime someone asked why I didn't become an officer when I joined the army...

    I hate being the leader, but I know that no matter where I go and what I do, I won't be able to escape it. That's why I read your blog. Your musings on life as a leader and a teacher sometimes interest me, sometimes inspire me, and sometimes remind me why I didn't go that route. Not to mention that you've always got interesting posts on a variety of topics.

    I think you've done a great job in the first year and I'm really looking forward to see what you write in the second!