Saturday, July 2, 2011

Still Catching up .... Apparently

Well, once again I have been remiss in my duty to keep you all entertained with some sort of offering. More on the reason for my distraction in the next post, but first I did promise to tell you about my meeting with The Lonely EMT and her daughter.
 I'll dispense with any explanations about how it can be that two 'anonymous bloggers' actually find each other and have a meet up, let's all just accept that a method was found to make it happen and we arranged a meeting while I was on the road for business. It is no small irony that we selected the State Fire Academy as a meeting place. "Neutral territory", you might think, but in fact, it was directly on my route (honest!) and not a long drive for Hilinda. I needed to stop at the bookstore there anyway and we thought we might crash the palce for lunch.
 Well, lunch was not gonna happen. There was a State Propane Response Conference in session as well as an Electrical Fire Cause and Determination class. Neither Hillinda nor myself can ever recall seeing so many folks in the Dining Hall and there was no way they were gonna 'squeeze' us in. Actually that worked out ok, because my traveling partner and I had to get to an extra stop on our trip and I had precious little time to visit. I promised my partner just a 30 minute stop, but I think it went longer.
 I walked into the bookstore and although I had never met Hillinda, I picked her out almost as fast as she picked me out. I think she was just a second faster actually. We fell right into an easy conversation as she finished her chat with the manager of the bookstore who she has known a long while.
 We found a quiet spot in the un-used lounge and grabbed a table before it began to fill with the overflow from the dining hall. You would think we've known each other for a while, and we talked about all the same things that vollies in the Fire and EMS services talk about. Call volume, bad jobs, Agency issues, and other stuff.
 We also talked about a newly found thing we have in common of enjoying volunteering at large summer music festivals. We are working on arrangements to work together in 2012 at my favorite venue, and she has invited me to join her at hers.
 Funny how you never expect some of the connections you create when you venture into something new. I never expected that my blogging, as poor as it is, would lead me to meet new, interesting and stimulating people. I expected to just spend my time at the keyboard. Just goes to show you, you never know.
 Thanks Hillinda and Sara, for driving over and spending some time. I really enjoyed the visit, even more than you might guess.
 Be safe, Be Sharp,

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