Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Thinking

Yeah, I know, it's scarey.

 So when I read TOTWTYTR latest post tonight titled "A Real EMS Post!" I thought 'Hey Great, I miss those because they're always good'. Then I relaized that I haven't written one myself in quite a while.
 I should do something about that, I thought.
 But nothing much has happened and there are few (OK, NONE) burning issues on my mind. In short, nobody has pissed me off lately. Pity.
 But then I remembered "Hey, I am about to take off on my favorite EMS duty cycle of the year, why not write about that?"
 So tomorrow, when I leave the paying job and head up into the hills, I will try to keep YOU, both of my readers in mind. I'll bring the laptop and see if I can't manage a post or two from the biggest Bluegrass festival in the great Northeast.
 Of course, if you are coming to Grey Fox (you probably are on the road as I write this) please do drop by the medical tent and ask for the handsome EMT with the long mustache. Most likely I will be walking foot patrol because that's what I like best, but I will have at least one of the overnights. So look for me.
 I have no idea how it will come out, but it will give some sort of Festival EMS perspective that might be interesting.

 Let's see what develops.

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