Monday, July 4, 2011

Did you ever .... ?

Did you ever have one of those calls where you found yourself saying "I can't wait to hear the rest of this story!"
 Sure you have, and we had one today. No I don't know the rest of the deal yet, but I'll share it when I find out, you will have to wait, just like me.

  We were banged out for a 'adult' male, severe laceration to the leg. According to my GPS, I was 30 minutes from the scene because I was returning from dropping my wife at the airport and I knew there was no way I would be of any help unless it turned into something more. So all I could do was follow the city fellar down the two lane at 45 MPH and listen to the chatter on the radio.
 Follow-up information during response included that it was a 40 Y/O Male with a severe laceration to the right lower leg. He was found on the side of the road by a passer-by. HMMM, I'm thinking, "Must be a cyclist, we have lots of those on the holiday weekends, we live in a paradise for bikers." Then I heard the LEO on scene ask his back-up unit to continue in and that the scene was secure for EMS to come on in, he also confirmed the previous medical information and added that the bleeding was controlled. "What? 'Scene secure'? They didn't mention the scene was NOT secure with the dispatch or to stage away at any point. What the hell is going on?"
 So I arrive on-scene after the ambulance has carted the patient off to the hospital and my guys are just getting ready to leave.  The young Lt. brings me up to date "Wow, major lac 12 inches long and down to the bone, bleeding pretty good. No, he wasn't on a bike or any vehicle of any kind. He had four different stories that all ended with 'but I don't really remember', and the police are following his blood trail up the road now." I smiled and had 'that thought' I mentioned at the top of the post.
 Turns out we wound up having about 5 or 6 LEOs doing the 'investigation thing' and we lent them a hand by closing the road to preserve evidence and the scene, which turned out be to nearly a half mile of blood trail that included the inside of one home the patient had apparently broken into and bled all over the place. Apparently the homeoners were away for the holiday, at least I hope they were.
 It gets better: the home our patient choose to do his B&E on was a prominent local figure of the Judicial persuasion. He's gonna be ticked when he returns, and this patient may very well wind up in his Court.
 The patient was found not knowing where he was or how he got there. He said he was from Baton Rouge, which is around 1,000 miles from here. He was staying at a house down the road and remembers A) Going out for a walk, or B) Going to buy a bottle of wine (5 mile round trip), or C) Being dropped off. He either was, or was NOT in a vehicle at any time. He either was, or was NOT partying with friends. He either was out for a couple of hours, or all night. But whatever it was, he doesn't remember.
 I'm not real good at assessing blood loss when the trail is a half mile long, but I figure that this guy lost a fair amount since we had little trouble following it on a road that was still wet from the previous night's rain. We also had little trouble finding where it started (in the middle of the driving lane), without the aid of a dog or a CSI team.
 I can't WAIT to hear the rest of this story!
 And the Holiday weekend isn't even over yet! We still haven't done our 'Drunk stumbles into the campfire' call, or the 'Deck fire secondary to a barbeque experiment' job.  Last night it continued to rain as it had all day, so today should be the big day for us. More blog fodder, if nothing else.
Be Safe, Be Sharp, and Please Don't be Stupid,

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