Friday, December 24, 2010

Me being Happy

OK folks, you don't see this very often, but after my poor post this morning I have been working on my attitude, and with the help of a few personal positive notes, I am almost feeling in a holiday mood, which is as close as I ever get.
 First I spent a couple of hours making the traditional Norwegian Krumkake's (pronounced "Kruum- coga") which we have made in my family amost every year since I was knee-high to the stove. It's a bit different now since the kids are grown, but my parents really look forward to them, so what they heck. Plus, I got to use my Grandmother's Krumkake Iron which she brought over from Norway in 1895 and came from her family's farm kitchen. I have no idea how old it is, but I can guess, and it works sweet once you have the heat right.
 Then, I did a little bouncing around checking web sites I only look at every month or two and found that Greyfox has uploaded all the photos and video from last summer's 4 day Bluegrass festival. The videos are here and there are 3 pages of them. The Kathy Mattea videos are great. I was standing in the VIP seating at the edge of the stage when she did "18 Wheels" and I'm sorry they didn't include her sweet intro on the video. What a great weekend. I will be back as an EMS volunteer next year, but it was great to look at all the photos and videos. If your planning a trip to the northeast in July, you might want to consider this in your plans.
My very favorite was not on the main stage, but in the Master's tent, and if you are like me and love 5 String Banjo Music, this is a treat.

 Not exactly 'holiday music', but fine and sweet to my ears anyway.
One reason this is so special is that the group is led off by Bill Keith. If you don't know him, Bill used to play with Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys (and if you don't know Bill Monroe, then you probably haven't read this far anyway). Bill is the inventor of the Scruggs tuner and he still has a business making these tuners. I am blessed to count Bill as a personal friend. Although we don't hang together, I see Bill from time to time, my son-in-law plays with him on occasion, they are close friends, and he played (gratis) at my daughter's wedding last year. Not only is he a fine person, he is one of the best 5 string players in the world and he teaches all around the world.
 So one day into the holiday vacation and it looks like I am beginning to decompress. I am not on duty tonight and will spend the evening with family at my Sister's house. We've run 4 calls in the last 16 hours and they were all easy. Life is good.
 Please do enjoy the Holiday season in whatever way works for you, on the job or off.
 Ok, That's me "being happy'. Lets see how long it lasts.
 And here's that Kathy Mattea video just for good measure...

Ain't she a sweetheart?

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