Monday, December 20, 2010

Is it just me?

After a year, I'm still trying to get a handle on this blog thing.
 Reading and writing blogs are two different things. Writing takes a certain mindset and dedication which I observe to be running all over the map from regular posters, to the occasional, and in some cases the rare poster. I think I get them all. Everybody is busy and has real lives. This means the posting comes second. Some only post when they have carefully constructed what they want to say with the research they need to back it up. Others write what comes to their mind at the moment. And there are still more who land somewhere in between all of these.
 I follow about 50 blogs, give or take, and every week I add another one or two. Many I skip through with no new posts, some post daily and keep me busy reading. But recently a trend became clear to me.
 Have you ever noticed when someone writes a post about a horrific job, the loss of a co-worker, or a terrible personal situation, their blog goes dormant for a period?
 In many ways I think this is what makes me feel close to those writers I read regularly. I could put a reference in here, but I think you are probably already running down a list in your head. If you aren't, just go out and take a look around. You don't have to read between the lines, just read.
 Every time I read a post that comes from the heart, I immediately identify with a similar experience in my life and feel for the writer. Then I watch closely to see if there is another post coming in the following days. When the writer doesn't post I know they are either really hurting, or working on the 'issue'.
 I think most of my readers know how these issues go down and what they can take out of you. We've all had them.
 I'm just wondering how many of the readers out there notice this and feel something for those writers, or is it just me?

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