Monday, December 6, 2010

Time for a CHANGE!

I know what you are thinking, but no, I am not moving my blog to another site. In spite of the problems with blogger, I have no intention of doing all the work required to make a move when I see no benefit for you or me in the effort.
 No, I am talking real change here. Something to get me a little more on the Fire side, and less on the EMS side. after serving my years as EMS Captain, I chose not to run for the position this year. My Squad needs a change in leadership to keep things fresh. They are a great crew and they deserve the best. I am not it, never was. I did bring in some skills, organization,  and direction that the Squad needed badly, but I've done my tasks and it is time to move on. They have worn me out and it's time for a new face.
 I too need to back away and shake this constant feeling of being toasted. My plan was to take a year off from leadership, longer if that's what the membership wanted. It was not to be. I was asked, and accepted, to run for a fire lieutenant's position. Wouldn't you know it, the damn fools elected me. Now I just need to see if I get assigned to my home company, or have to travel across town for every call.
 I am actually looking forward to the change. It will be so much easier. I expect to be working under a Captain who has been my duty night driver for 2 years now. We make a good team. I'll have primary responsibility for one Engine, just one.  No Ambulances. no supply closet to keep full, no oxygen cascades, no bitchy EMT's whining about not having the latest doo-dad, and no State DOH paperwork to keep filling out every time I turn around.. Just an Engine and it's tools, that's all. Run some good drills once in a while, and train the new guys.
 I can feel the cloud lifting already and can't wait until the first of the year.
 The Fire side has always appealed to me more. I think those on the Fire side will understnad when I say it is simpler to deal with. It is Fire, a chemical reation which is usually quite predictable. Firefighters, male or female, are simpler folk. 'Get the call, do the job, clean it up and ready it for the next time, go home.' They (at least my guys) speak directly to the point and don't beat around the bush. If they think I'm being and asshole, they will tel me so. I like that, it's refreshing. I am a bit tired of talking about 'feelings' and how I 'upset' you. So many times in the last few years I have bitten the end off my toungue to keep from saying "Look, just DO YOUR JOB!".
 Yeah, in a few months I'll be bitching about something or other, but for now, I'm looking forward to doing something new and different. I'm also hoping that some folks will finally realize that I am a Firefighter that also does the EMS stuff, not the other way around.

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