Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little Fun for a change of pace.

 It's been kind of serious in and around my head lately. I suppose I've splashed a little on my readers also. I thought I would share a little of the stuff that cheers me up, no matter what. I've been thinking about these Boys lately because I will make the pilgrimage to go see them in a few weeks up on the Walsh Farm over to Oak Hill, NY. Ron and his crew, The Dry Branch Fire Squad, put on one good show, and they will be the host Band at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. I very much look forward to the big weekend and all the wonderful music we will hear, as well as the people we will meet.
 So here ya go...

 Now I know Ron comes off here as a dumb ol' country boy, but let me assure you he is a warm, intelligent, and thoughtful person. He's also a great guy and you will frequently see him walking around the festival grounds in shorts and flip-flops talking with folks and joking around. Last year I saw a young man walk up to Ron and hesitantly ask if he could show him a particular lick on his mandolin. When I passed by a half hour later Ron was sitting under a tree with the same young fella passing the mandolin back and forth while they chatted and laughed and talked. That's how Grey Fox is, and that's how Ron is.
 So if you find yourself in Oak Hill between July 14th and 17th, come look me up. I can be found with the Medical Crew, or wandering around. I expect to be on the overnight shift on Thursday night in addition to the pickup shifts I'll be doing through the weekend. I have to wait for the band schedule to come out before I pick my other shifts. Just ask for the EMT with the longest mustache (or the biggest smile on his face).
 There's a small chance my Son-in-law may wind up on the Main Stage with Del McCoury and Bill Kieth this year, so I'm  keeping my fingers crossed.
Be Safe and Be Strong,

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