Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Good News

 Last week I posted a piece about the Wilmington, Vt Fire Department and what a fine job they did in a recent Live Burn training evolution held over a couple of days. That post generated an awful lot of hits (the most I've ever had on a single post) and I started thinking about the fact that 'good news travels fast'. I was also thinking that we don't really make a point of highlighting Departments that are doing more with less because they have always done more with less.
 The fact is, not every Department is located in an area that has resources, or a State or Province that can bring resources in. The better Departments are those that see the need for quality training and figure out a way to make it happen with what they have. So I started looking around and I found the following video. This video, at just over 9 minutes, is worth the watch. It shows what a group of small Departments can pull off when they work together. As always, there is someone with a vision and the drive to pull it all together.
 I don't know anything about these guys and gals that I didn't learn in the video, but I have to give them huge credit for the training they put on, and the learning that obviously takes place. While you watch the video, I'd like you to take note that they have no fancy simulators or even a burn building available, but they found a way to make the training happen.
 From what I can see, these guys really have it all together.

 If you have a Department Training video or story or video that shows good training, done with minimal resources, please send it along. I think we could all benefit from what you know.
Be Safe, Be Strong, Be Well,

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  1. Good Job 150 Mile! That type of resourcefulness and ingenuity us truly what makes great departments and great firemen.