Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is great...

Just watch it, I don't need to say anymore. What a wonderful piece of work.

Now that you've enjoyed that (and I watched it again a few times), let me remind you that Dave is the artist that did the great series of songs about how United Airlines destroyed their Bass players instrument a few years back. I strongly recommend that yo go to Dave's website and peruse the music, gig dates. and other offerings there. Dave and his friends are Canadian based but they do venture into the south 48 from time to time. I can't help it, I like this guy, I like his music, and feel like he could be sitting in my living room with a few more musical friends and a little beer and we'd be having a memorable weekend.
 Like I said, I like the guy, poke around his site and check out the videos. If you haven't been exposed to the 'United Series", he has a separate drop down menu for that. Start at the beginning, it's worth your time (unless your time is more valuable than mine, but that would require a one-on-one debate.
 Thanks also to Everyday EMS Tips where I picked this whole thing up to begin with.

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  1. I love Dave Carroll I have followed him for years and Years I remember when he was really just starting out and he played at our Local pub. Amazing in person, and a fantastic guy to boot!

    Also Notice that the video is shot with HRM (Halifax Regional Municipallty) Fire fighters/police. Yeah I grew up near there :D! Great way to represent the men and women of the Police/Fire/EMS for that area :D!