Monday, October 25, 2010


A while back, (ok this morning actually) we were cleaning up at a job after placing our trauma patient in the ALS rig for a hot run to the Trauma Center (he was AFU* but the birds were grounded). I mentioned to one of my long time crew mates that we needed to keep a better eye on how many blanks PCR's we had in the clip board. "On the job I did the other night there was only one left in the box. We could find ourselevs in trouble if we run out on a call. We just have to keep an eye on it and be more careful." He looked up at me surprised and asked "Really, what job was that?" I opened my mouth to tell him when I realized I had no idea what call it was or what day we ran that job. Nothing. No clue. I was absolutely blank. I could not remember the patient, the day, who was on the crew. NADA, ZIP, EL-BLANKO.
 I just told him it was a few days ago (which it was, but I had no idea about ANY of the details) and moved the conversation on.
 All the way back from the call I was trying to remember which job it was and it freaked me out that I could not remember anything. I jumped in the shower to clean up from the job and then I remembered the call. It was 3 days ago, in the evening, and all the details came back to me.
 Still this is very freaky that I could completely blank on a job from a few days ago. I wonder if this is a sign of something.

*AFU = All Fouled Up


  1. I regularly blank on calls now, they all run together honestly. If you ask me how many I ran this weekend I have to think about it. I think 4, but I may be missing one.

  2. it's all a blur. as soon as i write the report, i won't remember anything unless the call sticks out in some way.

  3. You know I got used to all the calls blurring together a long time ago. That happens ALL the time, but to completely forget all the details of a call within days just scared the hell out of me.
    I just came back from a class/drill and the instructor was using something I had done on a past call as an example and he kept looking at me to support his point, but for the life of me I couldn't remember the job. He kept saying "yeah man, you remember, you were on the jazz that night man!"
    Nope, sorry, I got nothin'.
    I must be getting as old as my drivers license says I am, and I can tell you, the feeling sucks.