Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I hope you appreciate this..

Last night I was thinking about Mark Glencourse and all the trouble he had in ‘frisco getting a connection to get his posts online. He would have done something drastic if he were in my shoes now.
We are ‘vacationing’ along the US/Canadian border in a very popular summer destination. Great fishing, fantastic boating, lots to see and do. But in the winter time the population drops by about 85%. Thusly, not much effort goes into broadband access for the masses. After all, anybody can do without their computers for a week or two right? Besides, who would even want to bring a computer with them on vacation anyway?
SO I sit here in our little paradise on the screened in porch of our rented cottage looking out across a 20 mile wide river to Canada.. It truly is beautiful and that’s why we’ve been coming here, to the same cabin boat rental from the same family for over 30 years. But there is no internet access.
I tell myself it is good for me to get away from all that crap for a week, but still I am sitting here and typing away as I listen to the sounds of kids swimming, boats roaring up and down, and those damned jet-skiers wreaking havoc. (I swear if they would just open a season on them for one year, we could cut the population in half, but that’s another rant.)
If you actually see this post (or the previous post on Knowing your address) show up before the 15th, then you will know that I took the laptop into town and cruise the streets looking for a spot where somebody has a WIFI hub with no security on it. It’s amazing how many are out there. Then I park in front of their home or business and download my mail, upload the blog and retrieve all the blogs I read to enjoy later in the day. I also grab a few research pieces for the lesson plans I am working on while on ‘vacation”. Then I return home and we go fishing or make dinner. In the evening I go through all my reading while my wife reads a book. She left her laptop home.
Some folks don’t realize what a blogger will go through to keep his page updated. But I’m sure both of my readers appreciate it.
Certainly you can appreciate this sunset photo. That is my son and I headed out for some evening fishing.



  1. I appreciate it :) And I have the same problem disconnecting when I go on vacation...just realized that I'm going to have to post this months edition of The Handover while I'm on vacation and I don't even know where I'm going yet, let alone if they'll have internet access. The things bloggers do...

  2. I do! I always love your stories and perspective, even if I am not always posting myself!

  3. Awww New reader, but aww I know the feeling I love disconnecting from the world and just unplugging from the world.

    Since this was posted before the 15th you obviously found a wifi hub you could borrow for a little while. My advice is to leave your laptop at home and just let it be! We'll survive for a few days with out you :)!