Sunday, August 15, 2010

Go figger…

This is definitely the last vacation post on it won’t go up until we are home, unpacked, and slept in for a few hours. On Friday we went down to the local EMS Agency (see last post “What was I thinking”). So when the wife dropped me off and at the very last second my son (a Firefighter) says “do you mind if I tag along?” “Well no, but it might be boring for you.” “I’ll be fine” he says.
The irony was not lost on me. A few years ago when we were up here and I said that I was going into town to visit the local Squad and introduce myself, my son said “why would you want to do that?” I explained that you never know what you might learn from another Agency about things they do better than us, or differently. I might make some new friends, or find something good that we could take home and use. He thought I was either bored or crazy, but he knew his Dad does ‘this stuff’ from time to time and it’s best to just let him do it. Now, 3 years on, I have his curiosity up and he wants to see what’s going on ‘in there’ to keep me coming back for visits.
So in we go and as it turns out my buddy has had his appointment schedule re-arranged for him by a late arriving new member and Wally asks if we would mind waiting while he takes care of business. “No Sweat” we said, “Take your time”. So we spent a little over an hour relaxing at the station and having nice conversations with the crews as the shift change occurred. I took some pictures of the neat new feature on the rig they just got in. I’m making notes for the new rig we will be spec’ing out soon. I asked the crews a lot f questions about what they like and don’t like on the new box. We passed the time with some very nice conversations with some extremely friendly and hospitable folks. I always enjoy these visits.
Wally finishes u and returns. We chat about stuff since the last time we met, what conferences he will or won’t be doing in the coming year. He tries to talk me into doing Baltimore next year and bringing my wife so the wives can have fun together while Wally and I do our thing.
Then he turns to my son and asks “are you a Firefighter?” “Yes” my son says. Wally probes as he half looks at me “So what are you doing tonight? You look a little like the young red-neck buck type that might enjoy some stock car races. Or would you rather hang out with your Mom & Dad?” My son has little idea where this is going, he only just met Wally, and he comes up with a cautious reply; “Yeah I go to the dirt track from time to time, but I enjoy truck pulls more. It’s all good though”. Wally Smiles, “I have a crew doing a standby at the races tonight and we’ll set you up and get you in with the crew. You just have to hang with them. They usually have a good time, and a few weeks ago Tony Stewart showed up to race. So you never know, are you interested?” My son accepts the invitation with thanks. Wally goes off to find him an agency shirt and ID Tag and also inform the crew they had a new member. I bring him back to the cabin for a quick shower, some food, and better shoes and pants. As it turns out, my EMS pants fit him just fine. Then we run him back into town just in time as the crew is ready to depart. He got home after midnight and is sleeping now, they only had one patient but another crew did the transport and they swapped rigs to stay on post. So he also got a ride home in their new rig.
So I guess it was more than luck that I threw my uniform in with my packing on this trip. I didn’t get the ride time, but my son did while I came back to the cabin and started packing up for the trip home. He’s out having fun and I’m cleaning the boat out and missing the last night of fishing. It was worth it though. He had a good time and maybe he learned something too. About making friends in new places and stepping forward to introduce yourself when you don’t have to. You never know where it might lead.
P.S. This is the sunset hew missed, but perhaps he didn't really miss it..

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