Thursday, August 19, 2010


Every once in a while we (ok, I) need to stop and clean some things up. As I am generally a slob, I should probably do it more often, but I am a very busy guy.
 In this sense, I am taking a little time to say thanks for some of the blessings that have come my way in recent weeks and months. I am not always one to remember to thank folks for the nice things they do for me, I just hope to return the favor when the opportunity arises.
 Bolstered by the possible good news from Medic 999 (yes, I continue to think positive thoughts Mark), my good fortune to re-establish contact with a wonderful relative-in-law I lost contact with (last time we talked he was working in the North Sea, and China, as I recall, now he is some where in the Sahara Desert) and am looking forward to catching up. He has a wicked commute, because he lives in none of those areas, but that's another story.
 So it's time to say thanks for my blessings.
 I'd like to thank those who write the way I would like to and bring useful information and stories to the Emergency Response community every day of the week.
 There is a reason that Firegeezer is my homepage and the first thing I read everyday. The gents over there were kind enough to print some of my words before I had an outlet of my own and continue to be a class act doing work that I could never find the time or the skill for.
 Rescuing Providence is a blog I have read for several years and admired Micheal's writing of each and every piece. He is deft, defined, and a natural. If I could ask him one question (and I have no doubt that I will shake his hand one day and ask him), it would be 'how many re-writes do you do before you put a piece on the blog?'.  I just noticed yesterday that Micheal added a link to MY blog on HIS site. That blew me away that he would even consider reading any of the drivel I write, let alone come back. Micheal has a gift I could not buy with all the tea in China.
 I am blessed that our call volume has been WAY down for reasons we don't understand. This comes at a a time when other parts of my life are causing me as much stress as I can bear, so it balances out. (They say that God doesn't give us any more than we can handle and I am starting to believe that.)
 I am blessed that we have some young and enthusiastic members that are coming into their own in my (EMS) Company and stepping up to handle the load. It is my privilege and pleasure to share it with them and let them run while I lead from behind. I know they will make good Officers when their time comes in just a few years. I just hope someone steps up at the end of this year to take my job so I can re-charge and move on to new challenges.
 As always, I am thankful for Justin and Mark who got my blood flowing and made me look into this blogging thing and think it was something I might try.

I still don't produce the kind of content I would like to, that would require quitting one of my jobs. I would like to share the things with my readers that I share with the people who attend my Fire classes, or I teach down at our own department. Fortunately we have lots of people out there that do an outstanding job and I still can't figure how they find the time, but I'm glad they do. Check out some of the links in the right sidebar on this page.

So that's a few of the things I am thankful for. How about you?

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  1. The truth? I'm thankful for people like you. People that take the initiative to teach and instruct at work and through a blog. I'm thankful for the people that share their thoughts even if they aren't edited and re-written. I'm thankful that I found this outlet, to write my blog and to read other blogs.

    On a personal level, I'm thankful for work - the only chance I've had all summer to be involved in anything medical. There's so many other things...but I'd have to write a whole post on it!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.