Wednesday, July 7, 2010


On vacation from the paying job this week (read: Forced plant shutdown), so I've been using the time to make all the calls we get and provide coverage for those who are out working in this heat.
Last night I spent a couple of hours listening in on the FirefighterNetCast with Justin Schorr, The Happy Medic as the guest host for this issue.
I Usually don't have time to listen to these long shows and mostly they focus on stuff in the career service which doesn't really parse with our way of life in a rural volunteer situation. This broadcast covered some of the more fundamental issues concerning staffing on the fire scene and how it relates to safety and getting the job done. Interesting callers helped mold the conversation and all in all it was very enjoyable and provided some learning.Also some very good stuff on situational awareness which is something I am always pounding into our people. Complacency Kills, Indeed. They also included some updates on the CoEMS naming contest and prizes as well as other things to do with where CoEMS is today and where it is headed. The broadcast is available today in the archive, so check it out if you can spare some time or download it into one of those pod thingies.
My posts will cease for a couple of days because the wife and I are headed off to one of the old New England states for a family reunion. I am looking forward to shutting off the pager and seeing cousins I haven't seen in two years or more from all over the country. If opportunity presents, I MIGHT just jump a call with the local Department where my cousin is Chief.
Everybody be Safe and stay Cool

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