Saturday, July 31, 2010

Help me out here..

OK folks, I've been rambling on here about all different sorts of subjects. By now you may have found something you like in my writing that makes you curious enough to come back. You also have decided what I might write that is of no interest to you.
I'd like to know, as most bloggers would, what is of interest to somebody who stops by here. Even if it is just general comments.
I'll be honest and say that in spite of what creative writing instructors will teach, I do not write with my audience in mind. I write for myself, to blow off steam, get things off my chest, and let the burden lay out there, instead of on me.
I can't promise I'll write what you like, but I will certainly consider it and maybe take a shot at it. By now I thought I would have found my groove, but it is still 'out there somewhere'.
Care to help me find it?

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