Monday, July 5, 2010

Carpe Diem!

It's a new day and just Perfect weather early this morning. The heat and humidity will arrive in a few hours, but for just now, it's perfect.
Last night I was so tired I went to bed before 11pm, which I never do on a duty night, but I was short on sleep from a draining midnight call the previous night. I didn't get much sleep that night, just kept seeing the Mom's face in my dreams. But last night I was able to sleep the ENTIRE night through! It's probably been more than a week since I have slept from bedtime until wake up time. Wow, what a great feeling. Good sleep is underrated.
For the first time in several weeks I feel like DOING something. I've already figured out why Blogger will not allow me to paste my posts from Word and found a happy work around.
I am also listening to Confessions of an EMS Newbie which I found a week ago but only listened to the latest Podcast. Now I'm catching up. It's well done presentation and I hope it will help me to empathize with the new EMT's we have every year, and help them slide into the job easier. Sometimes we lose perspective.
I feel so good I may even go catch up on the EMS Garage Podcasts later in the day when the heat comes up. Most times when I listen to these I find myself nodding in agreement, but sometimes I find myself muttering at the PC and arguing with those who can't hear me. I am about a month behind on this one. Back when they were talking about how Bloggers who choose to remain anonymous have no credibility, I stopped listening because the panel had a single sided point of view. I have very good reasons for remaining anonymous, and the loss of Medc999's blog is just a single case where my reason's become evident. (cue the screaming rage> "I TOLD YOU SO!") I keep forgetting that good progressive dialog by definition means you will not always agree with it and will (hopefully) learn the other point of view and consider it. I just wish the broadcast was live and there was a chat board for real-time comments. (yeah, I realize the difficulties in making this happen.)
So lets see what today brings (no, I will NOT make any predictions). I am hoping for the best, and as usual, prepared for the worst. You can do a lot with a full night's sleep.

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