Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Still Thinking

Yes, I am still ruminating on the issues surrounding the the previous posts. I have set a goal of making a firm decision before returning to work on Tuesday. But for now, I'm still thinking.
 In the meantime I wanted to throw in a catch up post here where I relay some other things on my mind.
 First, I have noticed that the traffic to my site has been increasing and even though this confounds me, I appreciate it very much, as I appreciate being listed in the Blog Rolls of other, more eloquent Blogs. I take this as  an undeserved, yet high compliment. I am humbled. So I thank you all. I continue to try to find what it is that interests the readership while at the same time satisfying my own needs to get some things off my chest and lighten my own burden. So don't be shy about putting up comments about things you don't like or things you do. I learn more from the critical comments than I do from the flattering, although they both serve a purpose.

Lastly and most important I would like to bring your attention to some outstanding writing which I have taken the time this weekend to delve into better than I can do in an evening read alone. Looking Through A Pair Of Pink Trauma Shears has presented us time and time again with some outstanding pieces which bear up even as stand alone writing if taken outside the Blog. If you are already a regular reader of hers, then you know this already. If you don't and you want to see what real writing is, don't waste your time on sites like mine, go read hers. If you are not a regular reader on her site, then I strongly invite you to read these 4 posts in the proper order. First Trying to Meet My Maker will bring you through some of her experience and give the reader an idea of what she is made of. The second post, Tear Drops On My Trauma Shears shows the long road many of us take to get where we are, as well as the price we can pay. Some pay a higher price than others and I believe this is the case here. I'm Sorry will bring you along on her recovery and healing path. You should read it prepared for a difficult trip. Finally, in Renewing My Soul she shows how it feels when you come out the other side with a fresh start and the benefit of what you have learned and survived, all put together in a not so neat package that somehow works for you.
All put together, these make for some powerful writing. If there were blog awards given for individual pieces, each of these would be top contenders in my book. They are written in a manner that will grab the uninitiated civilian, wake up the newbies who think this is still all fun and games, and penetrate the hearts of those who have truly been there and done that, and know the pains and emotions they each have dealt with.
 We are blessed to have some exceptional writers out there in the blog world. I won't try to start picking out my favorites because I will miss someone. Go look in my reading list on the right and check some of them out. Medic Trommashere is, in my opinion, one of the best. You should go check out her stuff.
 I'm just saying.

Everybody have a safe weekend,

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  1. I love you! ;-) But thank you. This is the highest praise I have ever received from ANYONE. But above all else, I'm just a lowly Paramedic who is writing about her experiences in life. I write about the things they don't tell you about in EMT/Medic school. If they told this part of the story to fledgling First Responders, they'd run away screaming, especially the young ones.

    But once again, thank you so much for your kind words! I hope to never dissapoint!

    ~M. Trommashere~